Daniel Dulake: Internet Marketing Tips For Small Business

Internet marketing becomes inevitably part of business marketing in general. Taking advantage of the Internet as a useful marketing tool is a powerful way to promote your local small business and gain more customers. In this article, we write about most common areas that should be covered if you wish to be successful when promoting your business online.

Invest in a good website. The Internet is turning the world around like never before, therefore if your small business doesn’t have a website yet, you should consider building one. A website is an online presentation of your brand. It helps introduce potential customers to products or services you offer. It highlights everything your company does so that potential customers can decide whether they like it or not. It is mandatory to make your website responsive – mobile and tablet friendly to follow recent trends and satisfy customers on-the-go. Update your website regularly with a blog, news, or anything that could promote your brand and keep customers engaged. Also, make sure your contact info is listed on every page of the website.

Verify your Google Business Listing. Connect your website to Google Business Listing to increase the possibility of your business being listed on top of search engines. Your website and contact info will also be included. This way, potential customers interested in the industry could quickly find your company and get in touch.

Facebook Ads, As part of internet marketing, social media, in general, has made a great impact on promoting businesses. Whether you wish to connect with customers, or share updates about your products/services, internet marketing on Facebook helps your business to build lasting relationships with the public. When creating an ad, Facebook allows you to target specific areas, or lifestyles, closely related to your business. You can also include the option “Call now”, “Learn more”, etc.

Facebook Events. As mentioned above, Facebook became a powerful tool to connect with the public, build new business relationships, increase contacts, etc. Thus, Facebook Local Business page allows you to create events that will be displayed in your area. This way, your business will be more visible to potential customers and engaged in your community. Internet marketing through social media gives you a liability for directly promoting your brand, and all you have to do is preparing a budget, choose the right image and appealing content.

Register your small business on specific portals. There are many internet portals specializing in certain areas where you can register your small business. If your area of expertise is hospitality, portals such as Booking.com or Tripadvisor.com make a smart choice. Don’t hesitate to ask your customers to write reviews for your small business as others can read them before trying out a new place.

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