Daniel Dulake: The Key to More Effective Marketing

Welcome to the Daniel Dulake blog. Daniel Dulake is the founder of WebDigital. It’s a team of good thinkers and innovators who are determined to re-imagine the way we do digital. In today’s blog we learn more about the emotions driving your customers, so without further a do here are consumer psychology principles to leverage in your next marketing campaign.

How to Use Brand Categories in Marketing. When people can’t relate to the language you’re using to position your brand, they can’t file it into a category in their minds. In turn, they don’t think of you when the need for your product arises, and a competitor quickly takes its place. Instead of trying to do what hasn’t been done before, stick to what your consumers know. Set your sights on moving into a brand category that already exists but doesn’t have a clear leader. Looking into your industry and competitors can help you identify an opportunity in a category.

The Power of Shared Experiences. From bars and parties to protests and parades, people are innately drawn to collective experiences. Social events fulfill our need for human belonging, helping us feel like we’re part of something greater and more important than ourselves.

Collective effervescence is also the underlying force driving cult brand followings. It’s the reason why someone buys the newest Audi sports model or LulaRoe leggings – even when less expensive brands will serve the need just fine. Buying things that our peers have instills our everyday lives with the purpose and meaning we’re constantly seeking.

How to Use Collective Effervescence in Marketing. Understanding collective effervescence can help brands unlock the mystery behind consumer fads. When people want your product in order to fit in, your job gets a whole lot easier. One of the best ways to create a need for shared experience is through the use of social influencers.

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Fear was traditionally used in marketing in the form of scare tactics, which relied on falsehoods and outright lies to psychologically manipulate consumers into buying one product over the other. Today, manipulation and deceit don’t pave the path towards consumer hearts. In fact, such tactics are largely frowned upon.

Conclusion. Psychology principles have influenced consumer behavior for decades. But when implemented improperly, these tactics can feel half-hearted and untrustworthy – leading to a negative brand perception. Fortunately, these four marketing strategies use psychology in an authentic way that inspires action while driving both loyalty and revenue.

Daniel Dulake pride on delivering innovative, digital experiences that make an impact. Daniel believes that creating memorable experiences are the best way to connect with your consumers. From dynamic web designs to cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, we believe that the custom solutions we create today will transcend the trends of tomorrow. No matter your product or service, you have a story to tell. And, we’re the best agency to tell it. Discover more about Daniel Dulake on his website page here. You can also follow Daniel Dulake soundcloud page here and read Daniel Dulake‘s latest news here.

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